Payroll Processing for Small Businesses

Payroll Solutions For Your Small Businesse

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Hassle-Free Payroll Processing

Say goodbye to the complexities of payroll and hello to more time focusing on what truly matters in your business.

Diversified Financial Solutions will provide you with everything you need to manage your payroll:

  • Simplified Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Taxes Done for You
  • Easy Integrations
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Data Security
Payroll Services for Small Businesses
Payroll Payment Methods

Payroll Processing, Simplified

Simply provide your details and your part is finished. We meticulously configure garnishments and tax withholdings, ensuring your team’s pay is accurately calculated.

No matter your payroll frequency—weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly—our advanced payroll software streamlines everything, leaving you stress free.

Choose the payment method that meets your needs:

  • Reloadable pay cards for instant access to earnings
  • Direct deposit for swift and secure bank transfers
  • Printed checks for those who prefer a tangible touch

Payroll Tax Management

You can move away from ambiguity and toward complete tax management with our help. We’ll manage everything, so you can focus on growing your business.

We’ll handle calculations, automatic filings, and tax payments, to make sure that both you and your employees meet all requirements.

Simplify your tax responsibilities:

  • Social Security and Medicare contributions
  • Local income tax obligations
  • State and federal tax requirements
Payroll Taxes
Payroll Service Integration

Easy Integrations

Managing retirement plans, overseeing workers’ comp, and updating your ledgers couldn’t be easier.

We’ll help you consolidate your data with these partners:

  • Nimble: Monitor employee health insurance eligibility and Affordable Care Act (ACA) status.
  • Ease and Employee Navigator: Quickly add new employees and sync benefits and payroll deductions.
  • Quickbooks: Import payroll data simply with timekeeping and bookkeeping software.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access a suite of robust, customizable reports from any device connected to the internet. Harness these detailed insights to monitor business progress, refine operations, anticipate costs, and strategize for future growth.

Get in-depth, real-time reports of everything you need:

  • Detailed payroll history
  • Bank transactions
  • Contractor payments
  • Paid time off
  • Tax payments
Payroll Reports
Payroll Data Security

Protecting Your Data is Our #1 Priority

You can relax knowing your sensitive payroll data is protected by our up-to-date security safeguards.

Managing data access is easy using user rules and security levels.

Enabling multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security by verifying your identity with a unique passcode each time you sign in, use a new device, or download sensitive data.

With our security system, you have nothing to worry about.

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